Monday, August 22, 2011

coffee table upgrade

While thrifting a couple of weeks ago, I spotted this chow leg coffee table. I fell in love with it, and when I asked how much it was, they told me that I could just have it. FOR FREE! This coffee table would be the perfect addition to my living room, and once I could settle on a paint color, it would look great over the cowhide rug. I chose Valspar's City Chartreuse. It came out looking just as fabulous as I had envisioned. To top it off, my new pillows arrived! They tie the whole room together perfectly.


About Me said... [REPLY]

Did you just use paint or stain? Did you have to sand it down?

Anna Weaver said... [REPLY]

I sanded it all the way down and then painted it!

i hope you all have a creative day said... [REPLY]

It looks incredible!!!!

Victoria said... [REPLY]

LOVE it!!

Katie said... [REPLY]

This table is awesome!! I love the curved in legs! Really, your entire room is awesome! Love you cowhide rug!!