Wednesday, February 29, 2012

the perfect pillow

 Yesterday, Emily shared about an amazing PBteen find: a multicolored ikat lumbar!
I have been holding onto a Pottery Barn gift card for such a time as this! I just ordered what will be the finishing touch on our guest bedroom, and it cost me nada.

This is a picture of the pillows that I already own...

I've had the euros for a while now (a TJMaxx find) and just bought the dalmatian pillows from Jen. All white bedding, a fun throw, and a few pops of color around the room -- Done.

What do y'all think? I heart.

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photo credit: nest egg
I'm madly in love with the two-tone kitchen cabinet combo of white and gray.  It's such a lovely play on classic colors and can give a feeling of openness and coziness all at the same time.  Add brass accents and you've got the makings of my dream kitchen!

photo credit: wendy's lookbook
I love the drama and style a scarf can add to any outfit, and I'll definitely be picking up a leopard scarf to carry my winter outfits into the spring season.

Anna, thanks for having me today!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Caroline Wright on OKL

Remember my art crush, Caroline Wright? Well, she wrote me earlier this week to tell me that One Kings Lane is doing a 72-hour sale of work by emerging artists, and it will feature some of her latest work. So exciting! Be sure to check it out.

*Sale begins on Thursday, March 1st.

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Shabby Apple Giveaway!

To enter (comment for each):

1. Visit Shabby Apple and let us know what you'd pick if you won.

Additional entries:

2. Join and follow A Newfound Treasure via GFC.

3. Like the Shabby Apple Facebook page.


In addition to the $50 shop credit, Shabby Apple is extending 10% off to all ANT readers. Just use the coupon code anewfoundtreasure10off within the next month to redeem your discount.

Giveaway ends on March 2nd at midnight. Good luck!

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

outfit to room

or in this case, dress to walls...

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There are so many fashion trends that I love right now, but I have to say one my favorites is color-blocking especially with the vibrant color coral. Color blocking, making its first appearance in the 1960's, is when the outfit is broken up into finite blocks of color with either contrasting colors or complementary ones. Coral hues, in general, are so fabulous right now, and I seem to be drawn to them everywhere I go. I also love to mix a bright coral or red pair of pants with a dark navy blue top. I think these contrasting colors are stunning together and make quite a statement. How do you feel about the color-blocking trend? Coral? What are you favorite trends?

    I am totally obsessed with wallpaper, on the walls, on the ceiling, pretty much everywhere! Wall paper is making a total comeback in the design world, and I am 100% on board. I have noticed that some people tend to dislike wallpaper because they associate it with being outdated and distasteful, but now, thanks to all the great patterns that are available to choose from, it no longer has to be. You can put wallpaper almost anywhere. Just look at the red patterned paper on the ceiling. Absolutely gorgeous! Putting wallpaper on your walls can give texture and depth where paint can sometimes look flat. If I had it my way, my whole house would be covered in this beautiful stuff! What do you think about wallpapered walls?

Friday, February 24, 2012

What I'd Wear: Oscars

With the Oscars just days away, I created an outfit fit for the occasion... just in case I was to roll up on that red carpet. In my dreams, I know. 

Here's how I'd glam it up in Hollywood:

Oscars: Hollywood Glam

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Thursday, February 23, 2012


This isn't the case everywhere, but our Goodwill gets salvage from Target. Over the past 2 months, I bought up Missoni pieces that were coming to our Goodwill with tags for $1 a piece (sometimes less). I then eBayed nearly all of the Missoni items making as much as $80 on 1 sale. Talk about JACKPOT. As a stay-at-home mother, I am always looking for ways to save and make money. And boy, did I make some money on that Missoni. I added up all of the price tags and accumulated over $1000 of Missoni, which cost me less than $50.

All of that to say, I went shopping for myself yesterday, and it felt great. I usually get buyers remorse, but this time, I knew I deserved a little something. Besides, we saved up the majority of what I made...

Welcome to my closet:

skirt // blazer // dress // swimsuit // necklace // shoes

- That maxi is seriously going to get lost in my collection, but everyone needs a casual solid black one, something I didn't have. 
- As for the blazer, I have been on the hunt for a flattering white one, and I finally stumbled across one at a good price point. Perfect fit, perfect look. 
- That dress! What can I say? It had me at hello.
- It's official. I'm a one-piece mom. Dun, dun, dun. I had a major FML moment and decided that this is one way of battling the post-baby lack of abs. I feel really good in it too, and that's all that really matters, right?
- This necklace needs no explanation. It's beautiful and inexpensive. Done.
- I'd been wanting some grayish oxfords just like these. They will be the perfect shoe to wear with trousers this Spring! Can't wait.

Now, getting down to business... it's time to announce the Zhush giveaway winner. 

Congrats to #29, Sarah! You are a lucky lady. 

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

you're sure to love...

Did you catch yesterday's style at home feature on The Glitter Guide? It was the beautiful home of Monika Hibbs from The Doctor's Closet. This home is worth your time... go check it!

And then there was Erika Brechtel of Small Shop Studio's home feature last week. I adore Erika and her style so much! After seeing her home, I can say with confidence that she does no wrong. Eye candy galore...

today's the day

Remember when I posted about Danielle Moss' home and expressed my excitement for the launch of The Everygirl a while back? Well, the time has come...

And it's already a new favorite of mine!

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Right now I’m drooling over and attempting to recreate the bold grown-up version of the “arm party.”  Like most girls, I love bracelets in every color, texture, and price range, and I went through the stage (both in summer camp way back when and seasons past) where I wore friendship bracelets like they were going out of style (which they never do). Alas, this season – I want big girl bracelets.  I’m still not shy to layering on the bracelets until they jingle ever-so-loudly (haha, okay – very loudly), but now I want my arm party to be just a bit more sleek.  I love gorgeous designer bangles with spikes and bones and gorgeous patterns, but my wallet (and my husband) are less fond of the little luxuries.  So I DIY… HERE.  

I’ve always been a lover of gold.  A few years back when shopping engagement ring styles (he knows better than to surprise me … too much), I only wanted a yellow gold ring.  The jewelers all frowned and gave me a list of reasons why platinum was classic and I’d tire of yellow gold.  I never have, and I never will -- I love, love, love my yellow gold setting, thank you very much.
It’s no surprise really that I swoon over yellow gold home accents as well.  There’s something so elegant about heavy piece of gold armor on a tabletop or a surprising gold and cream chevron print on the wall.  But what I really love about gold home accents, is that because of their already formal “feel”, the mediums have a whole lot more legroom to get funky.  Take the AREAWARE gold piggy bank – it’s a pig, used in every trendy designer, fashion blogger, and magazine editor’s home design – but it’s a pig, people!  What makes this little piggy so special?  That perfect gold metallic sheen.  Take that, jewelers!
Design Images: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7  // 8 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

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Monday, February 20, 2012



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 Fashion: Tangerine Tango
There are tons of fashion trends I love: leopard, sequins, faux fur, riding boots, bows, leather… the list goes on!  But with the new year in full force, I thought I would celebrate a new trend I'm loving right now… tangerine tango!  This is the Pantone "Color of the Year" and can you see why?  It's got a great pop that can brighten up any outfit. And I'm especially loving the color as a dress… may as well go bold! It can easily be paired with gold and tan boots.  Love.

Decor: Barn Doors
As for the decor item that I'm digging right now… I have a total obsession with barn doors.  We really want to make them for our hallway closets. This photo really exemplifies how versatile barn doors can be.  They're a great space saver from doors that fold open, and of course, not everyone can incorporate pocket doors.  Barn doors are great for separating rooms, hiding closets {or TVs}, or being used as wall decor.

 Thanks to Anna for having me today!


Sunday, February 19, 2012

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hello, Charleston. I love you.

I'm home this weekend. Yay!! And today, we're heading downtown to the Wildlife Expo. There's always so much to do here. I'm beyond obsessed with my hometown. Have a great weekend everyone... wherever you are.

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one / two / three / four 

Two things I'm loving right now are over sized cuffs and gold. Obviously, I love gold for the home and for some arm candy. And the mix of gold with natural elements also seems to be catching my eye. Interesting how that happens...

Friday, February 17, 2012

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come away with me

This week for Friday's Fancies we are dreaming up a vacation destination. My pick: Fiji. I'm all about going somewhere tropical as my husband and I are planning a real getaway for our anniversary this year. We won't be trucking it to Fiji, but we will seek out a spot to enjoy clear blue water and fun in the sun.

Nonetheless, if I were going to Fiji…


You may spot me wearing something like this:

Destination: Fiji

Touring: It's all about comfort and being cute without "trying", and an airy tank with denim shorts does just that! The S&D tassel necklace is a perfect piece to throw on -- you can easily dress it up or dress it down. So, what are we exploring in Fiji today?? :)

Sun bathing: Of course, one must get a new bathing suit. How adorable is that fringed one? Also, the perfect cover up is your man's dress shirt, right? But this is no regular collared shirt -- the one I chose was made for her and has a sequin band at the bottom. I paired it with some timeless druzy earrings and colorful sandals.

Date night: I am loving tulle/tutu skirts, and this maxi-styled one fits the bill as the perfect piece to pack for date night. Such a soft, romantic look! That S&D bib necklace is at the top of my list of wants these days. It's such a great statement necklace...

Destination wedding: You know, sometimes destination weddings take you to exotic places. Too bad, I don't know anyone with plans to tie the knot in Fiji. BUT if I did, I would wear a mint dress just like the one shown above. The plunging neckline seals the deal for me. What a sexy dress!

Hope you enjoyed my little planned getaway! Happy Friday everyone!!