Saturday, February 25, 2012

i heart | Chalk White Arrow

There are so many fashion trends that I love right now, but I have to say one my favorites is color-blocking especially with the vibrant color coral. Color blocking, making its first appearance in the 1960's, is when the outfit is broken up into finite blocks of color with either contrasting colors or complementary ones. Coral hues, in general, are so fabulous right now, and I seem to be drawn to them everywhere I go. I also love to mix a bright coral or red pair of pants with a dark navy blue top. I think these contrasting colors are stunning together and make quite a statement. How do you feel about the color-blocking trend? Coral? What are you favorite trends?

    I am totally obsessed with wallpaper, on the walls, on the ceiling, pretty much everywhere! Wall paper is making a total comeback in the design world, and I am 100% on board. I have noticed that some people tend to dislike wallpaper because they associate it with being outdated and distasteful, but now, thanks to all the great patterns that are available to choose from, it no longer has to be. You can put wallpaper almost anywhere. Just look at the red patterned paper on the ceiling. Absolutely gorgeous! Putting wallpaper on your walls can give texture and depth where paint can sometimes look flat. If I had it my way, my whole house would be covered in this beautiful stuff! What do you think about wallpapered walls?