Monday, February 20, 2012

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 Fashion: Tangerine Tango
There are tons of fashion trends I love: leopard, sequins, faux fur, riding boots, bows, leather… the list goes on!  But with the new year in full force, I thought I would celebrate a new trend I'm loving right now… tangerine tango!  This is the Pantone "Color of the Year" and can you see why?  It's got a great pop that can brighten up any outfit. And I'm especially loving the color as a dress… may as well go bold! It can easily be paired with gold and tan boots.  Love.

Decor: Barn Doors
As for the decor item that I'm digging right now… I have a total obsession with barn doors.  We really want to make them for our hallway closets. This photo really exemplifies how versatile barn doors can be.  They're a great space saver from doors that fold open, and of course, not everyone can incorporate pocket doors.  Barn doors are great for separating rooms, hiding closets {or TVs}, or being used as wall decor.

 Thanks to Anna for having me today!



jillian :: cornflake dreams. said... [REPLY]

love those orange picks natasha!! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

Viviana said... [REPLY]

Natasha knows best! Barn doors are one of my favorite decor ideas ever.

(Eileen) a creative day said... [REPLY]

Love her picks! Esp the barn doors, :-)

Call me today I love you!

Amanda said... [REPLY]

I have been oogling that barn door over fireplace pic for a while. Old fashioned or modern, it matters not! Barn doors rock!

natasha {schue love} said... [REPLY]

Thanks for having me today Anna!! Such a fun series!

Jillian Nicole said... [REPLY]

Love these picks! Was so scared to try on orange anything, but it looked surprisingly good w/ my colouring, so now I have two tangerine tango tops and a dress!:)

Jane {In the Pink and Green} said... [REPLY]

Love Natasha and her blog! I totally agree, I'm loving the orange trend, and I think barn doors are such a fun, rustic addition to a home! xoxo

FashionALaMode said... [REPLY]

Love this!! And the orange color is soo in!! CUTE!
Please visit my blog!!


Kimberly Moore said... [REPLY]

love love love Tangerine Tango


Barn doors! Gorgeous, I haven't thought about them in ages. They would add a very homey feeling to modern decor. Thanks for the inspiration :)


Gillie said... [REPLY]

I love tangerine right now, it's definitely one of my favorite spring trends! Your blog is lovely, if you want to take a look at mine it’s at, if you’d like we should follow each other! :)

xo Gillie

Tiffany @ Savor Home said... [REPLY]

Love Natasha!! Tangerine tango just makes me happy every time I see it!

Drew {Coral Cafe} said... [REPLY]

Tangerine Tango is by far the best color out right now!!

Barn doors are pretty amazing too! ;