Thursday, February 9, 2012

i heart | A Thoughtful Place


Amanda said... [REPLY]

I don't do color but bright chandeliers have really sucked me in. There's a clip of a red beaded number in my inspiration bucket, origin unknown, that I just can't let go of!

Crissy @ House of Marlowe said... [REPLY]

Unfortunately, yes, I am obsessed with all the great light fixtures out there now; and I'm especially partial to that turquoise blue beaded number that started it all!

Shelley {Crazy Wonderful} said... [REPLY]

Oh my gosh, I adore that chandy!

Courtney {a thoughtful place} said... [REPLY]

So fun to be hanging out here today! Thanks for having me.

Gawgus things... said... [REPLY]

Looking round my home, I'm quite neutral but I love colour!

Emma x

natasha {schue love} said... [REPLY]

I love gorgeous chandys! Fun picks Court!

Michaela said... [REPLY]

She's right on..loving the colored fixtures!