Tuesday, May 15, 2012

dirty hair

Recently, I've been trying to not wash my hair every day. Supposedly, the natural oils are good and ever since my ombre transformation, the ends seem more brittle than ever before. So, I've been rockin' what seems like "dirty hair" on day 2 and letting my hair air dry unless I have to actually style it… here's a little inspiration for the in-between days:

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Side note: Right now, John Mayer's new CD Born and Raised is free to listen to on itunes… and I'm really diggin' it. A little more folksy than his previous work, go listen and thank me later. :)


Emily | Recently said... [REPLY]

I had no idea John Mayer had a new album! Going to listen now, thanks for the tip!

Tiffany @ {Living Savvy} said... [REPLY]

I wash every other day! I find my hair styles better when it is a day old!

Flair byBrandi said... [REPLY]

Great hair looks! Love these!

Viviana said... [REPLY]

I always rock a high bun on those second days of dirty hair.

christin said... [REPLY]

I wash my hair once a week...eek! I know. But it's so long and super thick so I'm always looking for fun ways to style it. Thanks for sharing.

Jessamie Vincent said... [REPLY]

Is it just me, or does John Mayer look like Johnny Depp in that picture?

Samantha Green said... [REPLY]

love that hair style inspiration for the in between days! :) xx

Jacquelyn said... [REPLY]

I just came over here from Small Shop and wanted to let you know that I adore your blog! I will definitely be back