Friday, January 20, 2012

Do you?

I've been rotating these 2 do's quite frequently these days. Love 'em. So much so that I'm sporting the bun today. It's such a great quick and easy look. Do you rock sock buns and fishtail braids too? Happy Friday everyone!!!


Carly {a simple affair} said... [REPLY]

Oh do I sock bun? I have one in right now. It's my absolute favorite updo. I want to try the fishtail braid again. My layered hair wasn't too crazy about it, but I'm determined to make it happen. xo

Becca {Lowlife Couture} said... [REPLY]

love them both. rocked them both before I did the post marriage hair chop! But, I am happy to say I am back! Just long enough, but give my 4 more months and all will be right again!!

Tiffany Leigh {designer lifestyle} said... [REPLY]

I do love wearing my hair in a bun, but it never turns out QUITE as full and fabulous as the one you have pictured here. Any tips? Or perhaps a tutorial?

Anna of IHOD said... [REPLY]

I am sporting a bun right now. Been wanting to try out the fishtail and have a throwback to middle school. Love that its a hot trend:)
Happy weekend!

Kristen said... [REPLY]

your bun is perfection...please give a tutorial as to how to achieve that! i need help! : )

L.A. in the bay said... [REPLY]

OH YES. All the time!

(Eileen) a creative day said... [REPLY]

you know i want to do the sock hair for it.. so sad :-(

miss you!

Natalie said... [REPLY]

Love both of these! I'm loving the bun right now, so wish I could do any type of braid! {P.S. Except an email from me this weekend!}

Emily said... [REPLY]

love the fishtail -- and the buns too -- but i haven't quite mastered the bun look yet!

Courtney {a thoughtful place} said... [REPLY]

I've recently adopted the bun and LOVE it. It's my go-to. . . sometimes tuck a flower in if I am feeling super girly!

Sarah said... [REPLY]

My hair is too short to do either of those, but they are so pretty!

Erika [small shop] said... [REPLY]

Oh I bet you look so cute! Such an easy way to hip it up. I am hair disabled however! My straight hair doesn't stay in place very well!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said... [REPLY]

I don't know how to do either of these but I wish I could! They're so cute :)

Gaby [The Vault Files] said... [REPLY]

Not sure if my hair is long enought for the bun (and in my opinion it doesn't look that cute on me) but I've been sporting braids almost every day, is hot here!

Michaela said... [REPLY]

I love these two styles, too, and do them frequently!! Easy and adorable!

jillian nicole said... [REPLY]

I love the sock bun! It has made my hair life so much easier and even means I can leave the house on days I don't properly curl it! Haven't tried the fishtail braid yet, but it looks super cute on you!:)

Mae said... [REPLY]

I have long hair that would theoretically look good in either of these styles but I've never tried them! It's always either just down or in a ponytail. You've inspired me to try something different!

Natalie {Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers} said... [REPLY]

Wish I had the talent to recreate those. Love both looks.

Nicole Rene said... [REPLY]

I LOVE fishtail braids. It is by far the BEST hairstyle for a day when your hair is just not doing what you want it to do! I have been dying to try the bun but always get nervous that I look silly... But I still LOVE that look.