Thursday, January 26, 2012

that drum!

This Tibetan drum was a purchase that my husband insisted on. I was not sold, mainly because we didn't have a place for it in our home. It is a cool piece, but maybe I'll like it better atop of a kilim rug in a room with all white bedding. Mmmm -- I think it would be a better fit in a room with more of a boho feel, don't you? One day, maybe we can appreciate it for all it's worth. At least, now it's growing on me, after spying a similar one on the most recent cover of Better Homes and Gardens. Funny how my feeling can change about an item once I see it published! :)


Mary Eliza said... [REPLY]

I love yours! I love the dark color and I'm a big fan of unconventional end tables!

Derek & Candace said... [REPLY]

That was the first thing I noticed in the quest room when we stayed with ya'll! Love that drum! I like it as a night stand, good change. :)

Becca {Lowlife Couture} said... [REPLY]

That would be a decor piece that my hubs would pick out too! Its awesome. But I am with you it would kill it in a white bedroom with a kilim rug. One day :)

Drew {Coral Cafe} said... [REPLY]

Oh I LOVE this!! Looks great in your room!

briannelee said... [REPLY]

I like how you have it in your room. Looks great beside the bed.

jillian nicole said... [REPLY]

I love it! How unique to use a drum instead of just a regular nightstand!

Janna McCalley said... [REPLY]

Love unusual pieces of "furniture"!

Emily | Recently said... [REPLY]

I think it looks great in your room! Of course it would be killer with a kilim rug, but it's a great piece regardless of where it is. Nice work to your hubs! :)

McKenzie said... [REPLY]

Love, love, LOVE the drum!! Smart man you married ;)

Dana Gastelum said... [REPLY]

Wow that drum is amazing! And so cool that it's featured in Better Homes mag! :)

Violet Tinder said... [REPLY]

haha, it's true! i mean, you're ahead of the times- better homes and gardens is just now catching up!
i think the drum is a cool, creative touch!
Violet Tinder