Wednesday, October 10, 2012

all in one day

Today, I decided to take a break from packing to get the boys out of the house. We began our morning with a stroll at The Riverwalk here in Columbia... so beautiful. Then we ventured over to the children's museum followed up by an afternoon trip to the zoo. Phew! I am exhausted. No naps calls for an early bedtime. For Mommy too, fingers crossed.

What are your hump day happenings?


Emily | Recently said... [REPLY]

Awwww, sounds fun! Early bedtimes are the best thing ever.

Anna @ IHOD said... [REPLY]

Sounds like a fun day! I hope all the unpacking goes smoothly for you. It is not fun!
It was a crazy day over here so I am indulging in a pile of pumpkin choc. chip cookies. Yep..a whole pile;)