Wednesday, August 22, 2012

a guest post, another rug, and a winner

Did you catch my guest post yesterday on Recently? I am loving Emily's Wish & Tell series and am so glad that she asked me to participate.

My rug dilemma continues. This is a decent alternative… but a 5x7 isn't going to cut it. I've thought about the possibility of purchasing 2 small ones, but I'd rather just have 1 that I really love. The WE rug might be the one if RugsUSA doesn't restock the one I really want. Hmmm. What's a girl to do? Wait it out a little longer?

And lastly, congrats to Allison Kring, our iPhone case giveaway winner! I love my case, and I know you will love yours too. Please email me at anewfoundtreasure{at}hotmail{dot}com to get the hookup.


A Lived in Home said... [REPLY]

I'm in the same boat as you. I'm totally waiting until Rugs usa restocks. Looks like a quality rug and at a great price!

Heart of Gold said... [REPLY]

Such a great find! Love it.


Beth of designPOST Interiors said... [REPLY]

Not to rain on your parade but I have been waiting out a different rug on RUGS USA for about a month now and still no luck. You may be better off just ordering the other one if you are wanting it sooner rather than later.

simplyvonne said... [REPLY]

ugh rugs are soooo expensive! hopefully you will find somethng you like and not so expensive! congrats to the winner

Jess said... [REPLY]

What a fun and chic rug! I would wait it out a bit longer because its always best to get the rug you want instead of having to compromise!

Gaby [The Vault Files] said... [REPLY]

Loved the post on Emily's blog, and I say, wait for the Rugs USA or get the WE one, like them waaaay better than this one ;)

Brighton said... [REPLY]

I LOVE that rug!! Too bad it isn't going to work :(

Tarah said... [REPLY]

There is a currently a Groupon for RugsUSA right now. It doesn't expire till Feb.2013 so it might be worth getting, especially if you decide to wait to see if they restock the one you like. Go to Groupon and look under Richmond, VA.