Thursday, November 10, 2011

gold watch | the look for less

I bought this bad boy on Overstock, and it looks just like the Michael Kors one that I've had my eye on. I was afraid that the gold would look cheap or the face of the watch would be darker than I wanted, but I couldn't be more pleased. The perfect knock-off for the perfect price: $25 vs. $250! Here it is sitting pretty on my arm...

I'm still getting adjusted to the time change, and with this timepiece on my arm, I really can't stop looking to see what time it is. It should be getting dark soon, right? 

What do you think about my look for less? I love it.


NatalieCottrell said... [REPLY]

Very cute! I can't believe it was only $25!! Loving the gold party going on there. :)

Jessamie said... [REPLY]

I too, had my eye on an awesome MK watch and found one on endless just like it for $25. Gotta love it. Do i spy some forever 21 there, too?

♥B said... [REPLY]

I looooove this arm party/arm stack. The gold is fabulous! I'm in the market for a gold watch myself! :)

With Love From Michigan

Danya said... [REPLY]

Love it! I just may have to shell out $25 for one myself. :) Great find!
-Danya @

L.A. in the bay said... [REPLY]

LOVE your arm party!!!