Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Style It Your Way

The response to last week's skirt challenge was far greater than I had anticipated. I loved seeing how different everyone would style one piece.

This is how I would wear it...

And these are some of the sets created with my skirt on Polyvore:

trending tribal

Candace's picks:
navajo outfit for Anna

Amanda from Do I Even Like This:
Navajo Skirt Love

Becca from Low Life Couture :anewfoundtreasure skirt
anewfoundtreasure skirt

Amber from Simple Dwellings:
Skirt Inspired

Eileen from A Creative Day:

And last but certainly not least, Drew from Coral Cafe:

Which one is your favorite?


Drew {Coral Cafe} said... [REPLY]

I'm definitely loving your style and the one with the leather jacket! Gives it edge!!

Such a fun project! Thanks for letting us participate ;)

Jenny Vitucci said... [REPLY]

All of the sets are fantastic...I had so much fun seeing all the different ways one skirt could be styled!!!

NatalieCottrell said... [REPLY]

These are fantastic looks for a skirt that would otherwise indimidate the heck out of me! I really love the simplicity of Candace's outfit. Well done, ladies!

Liz Marie said... [REPLY]

I'm so glad you commented on my blog post.. because I clicked over and found your blog.. I want all of these outfits.. love your style & I now follow your blog! Blog about your deer sculpture soon, I want to see it!!

xx Liz Marie

Sarah said... [REPLY]

You put so many great outfits together!

Don't forget to enter my Shabby Apple giveaway!

Ashlyn said... [REPLY]

i am loving all these styles! such a great skirt! :]

Emily | Recently said... [REPLY]

I can't pick a favorite! They're all too cute. :0

L.A. in the bay said... [REPLY]

oh my goodness. Love how you styled it, and everyone else's!

Ocean Dreams said... [REPLY]

Oh wow so many great looks - so hard to choose! I came here from Drew's blog so I might have to say I like hers the best but all are so creative! :)

Jessie said... [REPLY]

I came here from Simple Dwellings! I love your outfit, it is very stylish and edgy. I love everybody's outfit as well! Great styling!

By the way, I am hosting a fabulous giveaway now. Come by and enter for a chance to win a set of beautiful Vintage Alphabet Cards!


Have a lovely weekend!


classic • casual • home said... [REPLY]

Here from Simple Dwellings....what a fun idea! Lots of great inspiration.

Holly said... [REPLY]

Also visiting from Simple Dwellings, what a fun challenge. I love how each of you put a different spin on the outfit. I'm used to doing this type of challenge for the home but I love the idea of doing it for fashion.