Friday, November 16, 2012

friday's favorites

Can we talk about how genius Jenny's kitchen cabinets are? I am crazy about how her little space is coming along. You with me?

+ Fingers crossed that I win this beauty!

+ Ever tried these? I recently got together with my girl, Chassity, and she introduced me to them. I honestly don't know how I have survived all of this time without 'em.

+ I have enjoyed perusing the holiday gift guides out there, but this one from Liz tops my list of favorites.

+ I make spaghetti for dinner once every 1 or 2 weeks, so next time it comes through rotation, you can bet I'll be attempting to make marinara sauce from scratch.

+ Thank you to everyone that emailed or messaged me recommendations to make my trip to New York as excellent as possible. I am beyond excited to be walking the streets of NYC in just under 3 weeks... here's hoping it's not too cold for my southern blood.


Becca | Lowlife Couture said... [REPLY]

I am dying over Jenny's kitchen progress. Seriously, on pins and needles to see a home tour!