Saturday, July 9, 2011

Call her Bessie

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Those cowhide rugs! Seriously, I just love them. I had been on the search for one for a couple of months and finally found one for a steal. She's made herself at home in our living room, and we've named her Bessie. Well, my friend Cory named the rug, and the name fits.

I love that the cowhide can be thrown over our carpet and still look great. It helps protect and (more importantly) cover the ugly beige carpet, as well as, ground the room. What I like most is that we can still place our coffee table over it, and the weight doesn't mess it up. Most other rugs would stretch or pucker with that kind of weight atop of it because of the softness of the carpet underneath, but the cowhide doesn't disappoint. Now, I just want to do something daring with my coffee table (like paint it a fun color or really distress it), so it is more contrasting with the brown in the rug. Hmmm.

Cowhides are never outdated, so this is a piece that we can keep in our home for years. I don't plan on keeping it in our living room in a future home, but it works for us here and now. It would be great in a foyer or study. One day...

Meet Bessie.

See what I mean about the coffee table? I need to take it to another level. Maybe not. Ideas and input appreciated!

The boys love the new living room addition too! How cute are they?


i hope you all have a creative day said... [REPLY]

I LOVE her! Bessie looks amazing :-)

Wanderings of a Wannabe said... [REPLY]

did you find it at ikea? i had planned to put one in our LR over our seagrass but the budget doesn't allow for that right now :) house is looking great!

Anna Weaver said... [REPLY]

Caroline, not Ikea but CL! I was very skeptical at first but after inspecting it for a solid 30 minutes and talking the price down to $60 I was sold!