Monday, July 25, 2011


You know how some people claim to have a good side and a bad side when looking in the mirror or taking a picture? Well Hudson's train table had the same issue. The good side... 

and the bad side...

I used some chalkboard paint, and it quickly covered all of that up.

Here it is now! I think I might like the chalkboard side better than the solid white on the other side. I'm pretty sure I'm having more fun with it than Hudson though.

Told you...

The toy box even got a new look.

I think I might be addicted to the whole chalkboard paint thing. The day after I completed the playroom projects, I went and repainted my husband's accent wall in his office with chalkboard paint. It might be the greatest thing I've ever done. 

The chalkboard wall is perfect for writing "To-Do" lists and leaving messages. I wrote "take a seat" with an arrow pointing down to the couch in his office too. How fun is that?!


Caroline said... [REPLY]

is this his home office or work office? i love it lots!

Anna Weaver said... [REPLY]

It's Brett's work office at NewSpring!