Saturday, July 23, 2011

Keeping my options open...

Still seeking the perfect fabric that is somewhat comparable in color scheme to the Chiang Mai. All I know is that I want LOTS of color to work with... Here is a roundup of a couple of my Etsy favorites:

ONE new 18x18 multi color, red, turquoise, green, gold, ikat, medallion, pillow cover, throw pillow,  decorative pillow SHIPS WITHIN 24 hrs

ONE new 18x18 botanical, bird, butterfly,  tan, blue, green, coral pillow cover, throw pillow, toss pillow, decorative pillow

Decorative Bird Pillow Cover 18x18 inch - Designer Fabric - Accent pillow - Throw Pillow

Anthro option...

{1, 2, 3, 4}

My friend Eileen is even keeping her eye open for me and texted me a picture of these at our local TJ's the other day. They are WAY greater in person with intricate stitching and beadwork.

I'm not sold on any of them, but I'm going to have to make a decision/settle on one soon. Ughhhh...


i hope you all have a creative day said... [REPLY]

that third one with the bird is at flf! Love them all!

Liz Marie said... [REPLY]

I love the first one!!! I've been loving patterns like this, I've even thought about changing my decor more native American-ish decor.. Do you know what I mean? Haha

Caroline said... [REPLY]

that second one is amazing!