Wednesday, July 6, 2011

play room

Let me preface this post with the reasoning behind our dinning room turned playroom. First of all, we are renters. We were so thankful to find our house when we first moved to South Carolina last year. Our home that we lived in (and still own) in Florida was just under 1100 square feet so the 2000+ square foot house that we now reside in was a minor major upgrade! In our house, we have 3 bedrooms upstairs (Hudson + Avery + guest). In order for the boys to have a space to play downstairs, we ditched the dining room and converted it to a playroom. This way, my living room doesn't become a playroom, and I can watch the boys while I cook and clean. Everyone wins!

My latest project in the playroom was painting the chevron drapes. I wanted something fun but not too busy. I used some solid Pottery Barn drapes that I had on hand to make these. You really need to take some time to check out k. f. d. designs if you haven't already done so... Kristen is awesome!

So, here it is. THE playroom... the place where hours are spent constructing lego towers, playing with trucks/trains, and reading books. This is one happy and lived in space!

This is a poster that I carried on the airplane from Los Angeles a couple years ago. I was paranoid about keeping the FREE poster from the Farmer's Market wrinkle-free, but I just knew it would be perfect for a playroom one day!

I'm sure that some of you overly observant people out there noticed that in one picture the stools are painted and in the other they are in their natural state. I JUST painted them with some extra paint that I had left over from a table in our living room, and I'm loving that pop of teal blue!


Kristen said... [REPLY]

it looks great!! i love the curtains - great job :)