Friday, July 1, 2011

Campaign Dresser

A couple months ago, my friend Eileen and I had one crazy experience on Craigslist regarding a campaign dresser. You can read all about it here. A few weeks later, I found and claimed this smaller campaign dresser with bookcase for $20 in Spartanburg. (Please excuse the terrible CL photo.)

I listed and sold the bookcase portion of the set for $20. This made the dresser essentially FREE to me. I was one happy camper! I wanted to make the painting process as simple and fast as possible, so I chose to go with spray paint.

First I sanded...

Then I sprayed away...

This is the end result:

Okay, so what I didn't include about this project is that I had a disaster happen to one of the dresser drawers. In case you didn't know, when spray painting you need to be able to complete the project in about an hour. You only want to paint a 2nd or 3rd coat while the previous layer is still sticky. If you wait too long, the bottom layer of paint will eat through the top layer leaving a terrible texture. I got so frustrated with my project disaster that I contemplated putting the dresser out on the curb. I even put it in my yard sale last weekend but there were no takers... maybe it was the half sanded top drawer that turned people away. :)

It's not perfect, but I am pleased with how it looks overall. And because the dresser didn't really cost me anything, I won't be paranoid about my boys banging it around if I use it in one of their rooms. Project complete!