Monday, October 3, 2011

New Girl = Zooey D

First of all, I am semi-obsessed with Zooey Deschanel. She is B-utiful, isn't she? Gaaaahhh. Well, have you all seen her new show called New Girl? Although only 2 shows have aired, I'm hooked. Her quirky, awkward, funny character is my new favorite.

5 years ago, I contemplated getting bangs again and talked myself out of it. Every year since, I have gone through phases that I've wanted to take the plunge and get them. Well, I literally had scissors in my hand the other night, standing in front my bathroom mirror, hair separated and in hand, about to cut bangs myself. Last minute, I talked myself out of it, knowing that I would probably screw up and regret my moment of bang-jealousy (mostly because of my love for Zooey). I'm patting myself on the back today for thinking through what could've been an impulsive decision, gone bad. 

Is it too late to hop on the bandwagon now? Probably. 


Emily | Recently said... [REPLY]

It's SO not too late! I went back and forth on bangs for months and finally did it a few weeks ago. I don't think I'll ever go back! I've found that I can pin them back if I want to and *bonus* my sister said they make me look younger! Yay!