Saturday, October 29, 2011

Rooms With A Lighthearted Touch

Today, we have a special post from Arcadian Lighting just for you:

Hi! I'm Susi, a writer over at Arcadian Lighting, a great resource for the latest in cool lighting trends. I'm so lucky to get to guest post at some of my favorite blogs, like A Newfound Treasure. Today's guest post is all about rooms that have a lighthearted touch. Color, pattern, whimsical design elements and even light fixtures all work together to create rooms that make you smile. Here are some of my favorites. Enjoy!
I love the planetary-like mobile in this living room that doesn't take itself too seriously. Modern furnishings and pops of color give this room a youthful feeling.
Pendant Lights Lighthearted Rooms
Bold contemporary artwork adds a lot of color in this dining room. The pops of color and hot design trends, like Roe Deer antlers, help make this contemporary space feel lighthearted.
Table Lamps Lighthearted Rooms
Scale can turn a pretty design element into something more fun and these oversized bloom decals do just that. The exaggerated length of the table lamp is another great detail found in this space.
Lighthearted Rooms Wall Lamps
Whimsical and brightly colored art is a great way to add a lighthearted touch to a room. The bold collage style frame draws the eye to the charming art above the sofa. Unexpected wall lights like this one can bring even more interest to art.
Wall Sconces Light Hearted Rooms
While this bedroom is minimalist and contemporary, the curtains give it a youthful feeling. The patchwork trees not only add color but are playful, too.
Lamps Lighthearted Rooms
This kid-friendly living room is modern and whimsical with nods to the forest. Natural branches bring a touch of the outdoors into this well lived in space.
Lighthearted Rooms
Color, pattern and more color make this window seat a great space. I love the mix of patterns and the use of an old elephant stool - so charming!
Lighthearted Rooms Lamps
While the furnishings and art in this living room are more traditional and formal, the cheerful, bright palette of pastels makes the room feel anything but stuffy. The delicate chandelier and mismatched lamps bring touches of whimsy to the space along with the use of pinks, yellows and aquas.
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These playfully decorated rooms remind us that interior design doesn't have to be serious. Your home should make you happy, so why not add some bright colors to your room? Discover more quirky design ideas and a wide selection of light fixtures from Arcadian Lighting's website today.

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